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The 90 Minute Business Plan™

Thanks for signing up. I look forward to working with you to create a business plan that maps out a path for you to profit from your God idea. Please review the 9 components of a profitable business plan and schedule your 90 minute strategy session with me to create your plan.

Business Plan Tutorial

Area 1: Concept

  • Problem: What is the hidden problem someone is having
  • Solution: What is the focused solution to that problem
  • Customer: Who is able and willing to pay to have that problem solved
  • Price: How much are you charging to solve the problem

Area 2: Marketing

  • Attract: What are you giving away to attract potential customers
  • Nurture: What is the process to warm-up potential customers
  • Referral: How are you going to encourage people to tell others

Area 3: Sales

  • Persuade: What words are needed to persuade someone to buy
  • Repeat: How are you going to get customers to buy again